Matthew Goodrich's Errol Flynn-like performance in the title role is very fine. His cool, offhand poise is like an elegantly cut but theadbare suit through which you can see Gatsby's longing and desparation.

- Terry Teachout, Wall Street Journal

Matthew Goodrich embodies the sweet, pugnacious über-Southern boy Kilroy so naturally that the role could have been written for him.

- Margaret Gray, LA Times

The charismatic Goodrich is particularly on-target. His masterful combination of physical dexterity, intelligence, vulnerability, and utmost sincerity give this bizarre piece the recognizable human anchor that it needs. 

- Les Spindle, Backstage

Goodrich is superb . . .  He’s perfectly cast as the typical charismatic hero, . . . but his performance deepens into affecting drama as the story darkens.

- Terry Morgan, LAist

The main reason to see The Adventures of Boy and Girl . . . is to make the acquaintance of Matthew Goodrich, the likable, good-natured, and very funny young actor who plays one of the title characters.

- Martin Denton,